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27-09-2008, 14:19
Hi all,I am in very desperate need of a 3 sgte engine, i do not need any of the ancillaries. Basically i am having to replace my engine because the one in the car at the mo has a cracked block.I have various parts that i can use to lower trade also towards the cost of the new engine.Any help is greatly appreciated,Ki

27-09-2008, 14:49
I am going to be breaking my rev2 3sgte soon, but need to finish my v6 car before I can get the 3sgte out of the garage or take bits off it (no space and it's blocked in the corner).

How soon do you need it?

27-09-2008, 15:29
not in a huge rush but the sooner the batter really, i have only very limited funds at the mo, the car is up at pauls at the mo and is going no where.
I am looking into the poss of buying anths old engine also but he may want too much money for that.
What sort of price would you want for it/


27-09-2008, 15:56
Not sure what it's worth tbh - make an offer! I'd be willing to sell the whole lot as one quite cheaply to save me the hassle of taking it apart. Maybe Paul would be interested in buying it all and selling the bits you need on to you?

It's missing gearbox/flywheel/bits of the wiring loom that I used for my v6.

It will be maybe 2 weeks before I could get it out of the garage. A bit longer if I have to break it up.

Jiff Lemon
27-09-2008, 16:12
Did sponge bob not have a useable block? I know the head on his spare engine was buggered....

27-09-2008, 17:35
BSM offered me a long block a few days ago, just needs a headgasket apparently... i dont need it though, was toying with doing away with the 1mz for a second... :D

06-10-2008, 08:34
BSM has a rev 3 engine from a 1.5 he bought. give him a call Ki. sorry to hear about your block. i take it the sale fell through too:sad:

06-10-2008, 11:39
Sam had variouse engine bits too in his cave... havent seen him online for a while...

06-10-2008, 18:25
BSM has a rev 3 engine from a 1.5 he bought. give him a call Ki. sorry to hear about your block. i take it the sale fell through too:sad:

The rev3 is not for sale sorry.

07-10-2008, 22:48
nah only the fucked one he tried to sell me is for sale... maybe...

07-10-2008, 23:46
If you search for Dale_v on Imoc i think he had a rev1 turbo lump going spare if that's any use?

08-10-2008, 09:01

there is on on ebay at the mo at 250

08-10-2008, 12:58
I've got a Rev 1 with low mileage that's just been taken out of the car up at Woodsport. If you are interested, give Paul a ring and he will give you an honest opinion on it as he's seen it running etc. He will also tell you what it's worth. Pete.

17-10-2008, 11:54
Did you get fixed up??? Have a low mileage Rev 2 and possibility with either CT26 or CT20B

17-10-2008, 12:52
Not found one as yet...gtech whats your asking price, i would not need the ancillaries except for the alt. Ki
Pete, will speak to paul.
Ratty i will look on e bay

17-10-2008, 16:13
have a mate at work with a very very low mileage Rev 2 3SGTE that he is parting out.

Currently its got the Rev 3 upgrade on, but he is willing to put it back to standard Rev 2 and sell the Rev 3 Parts on.

If interested, drop me a pm and I can try and find prices out for you.

This is ready immediately and can be heard running, in fact you can test drive it in the Grass track racer if you like :-)

17-10-2008, 17:29
Pm'dNeed to get this sorted asap, the guy has bought the car and is happy to wait until i get it sorted.Ki

18-10-2008, 07:37
PM'd you bck