View Full Version : 3vz-fe or 3sgte carrier bearing!

29-09-2008, 18:17
I assume both the 3vz and 3sgte bearings are the same, so either will work. Anyway, this is why I need one :(


Paul Woods
29-09-2008, 19:05
only about 18 from toyota mate ,part number 90369-41001

29-09-2008, 19:23
Thanks will go down there tomorrow and order one then! Was expecting it to be the usual rip-off toyota prices (50 or so!). Is it worth ordering CV boots from toyota too or better to get them elsewhere? (need to buy a driver's side rear at some point).

Paul Woods
29-09-2008, 19:30
i think the boots are a small fortune sadly....

29-09-2008, 23:05
Just a quick note on those bearings. The inner part of broken ones make superb spacers for spacing out turbo shafts to fit in 3vz carriers. Chop it it in half and you have 2 perfectly sized parts for a friction fit on the shaft.

This anally attentive public broadcast was brought to you by SWAT Motor sport.


Paul Woods
30-09-2008, 06:44
^thats a top tip^ i use steam pipe for this job which is exactly the same diam as the shaft,so i just chop 4mm off to make my own spacer,but as owen says there is a ready made one in the old bearing,thats quite clever for a welshman.

30-09-2008, 13:08
37 from toyota!

Guessing 18 is trade price with no VAT? ;)

30-09-2008, 13:29
Looks exactly what happened to my bearing.

As Owen says the inner of it works well as the spacer.

Paul Woods
30-09-2008, 18:03
ah yes sorry baz,i forgot im not a civvy :)