View Full Version : I must be mad!

03-10-2008, 20:12
Hi peeps, This is my first thread on TwoBrutal. After a lot of research Ive finally went ahead with my MK1.5 V6. I did the Paul Woods brake convertion without to much trouble but now I have ran out of cash. So Ive got a few bits to sell if anyones interested. I have a 4age engine and gear box which has had new Distributor,Leads,Cap and Arm.K&N Induction Kit. N/s and O/s front calipers (not seased) Both head lights. Original Front Spoiler.
Willing to trade for parts for the V6 convertion but cash is king.


03-10-2008, 20:37
Afraid am not after any 4age parts but welcome to TB and if you need help or to have a swatch at a running Mk1.6 there's one hiding in Hamilton. :thumbsup: