View Full Version : Looking for: Tidy Mk1 T-bar

Mystery Machine
12-01-2009, 15:31
Hi folks,

Now that I have waved goodbye to my beloved Z1 :cry::cry:, I am in the market for a another Mk1 MR2.

Looking for a tidy T-bar in anything other than red (sorry red fans)

I don't want a rotten basket case, but a good solid example with as clean/tidy an interior as possible (not worried if not leather).

I'm a bit wary of ones that have had the arches already done unless they have been done by someone like Woodsport. Not too worried about a bit of rust and I'm expecting to have to get some bodywork done - but I'd rather get this done myself (via Woodsport) so that I know it has been done to a good standard.

Will probably be going down the V6 route (99% sure about this) but want a good solid & tidy vehicle in the first place.

I've already viewed a few local to me, but both had really rotten front wings, B pillars, sills and lots more....like I say, not afraid of some work, but don't want a lemon.

Any help/advice/pointers gratefully accepted. In the meantime I'll continue to check the 'regular' forums, Autotrader, eBay etc....

Many thanks,