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19-01-2009, 20:52
Hi chaps,
recently had a luverly V6 fitted to my mk1a at woodsport and dont much like the gentle snaking from the rear end at speed, so am hoping a mk2 turbo rear anti roll bar will tighten things up a bit, has any nice chap out there got one they would consider parting with thats in good condition for a fair price and I'll cover cost of royal mail special delivery if you're too far away for me to collect, cheers Nik:driving:

19-01-2009, 20:57
I've got one available for 30+postage, but you really are at the other end of the country. :)

19-01-2009, 21:11
Excelante, thanks very much,No probs 30 sounds fair enough, its a mk2 turbo rear anti roll bar Mr. Woods advises I get, I've no idea how much postage would cost but if you wrap it well and can post by recorded or special delivery I will cover the cost for that as well, if you let me know the total I can post you a cheque, send me a private message with your address......

19-01-2009, 23:40
This one was deff from a tubby, I was going to mount it to my mk1 but its one of those jobs I'll never get around to and my rear seems stiff enough :). I'll get it wrapped up good and a postage quote pm'd prob wednesday.

20-01-2009, 19:30
Good stuff, my rear end's a bit snakey at the mo, if you email me the total cost and your address to nik.wills@ntlworld.com I will put a cheque in the post to you, many thanks Nik.

30-01-2009, 14:44
Hi Luke, many thanks the arb arrived today, ive primed and painted it, so will be fitting it soon, all the best Nik

30-01-2009, 21:53
Let us know how you get on Nik, av still to fit mine and would like to know if it'll go on the standard mounts or not. :)

30-01-2009, 22:18
me too!

30-01-2009, 22:47
It was Paul's suggestion, I've bought some new shiny front mk1 mounts and bushes from Toyota which fit straight onto the roll bar, according to Paul you use the old rear mounting holes for the front holes of the new mounts then drill new holes 8.5mm for the rear holes, I haven't fitted it yet as the arb needed the surface rust removing and coats of hammerite primer and red smoothrite topcoat. If the weather/missus doesn't permit I won't be fitting it over the weekend so will be next Thursday, if you like I can take some piccies and post them as a stage by stage Haynes manual style if you like...
Part numbers Y48824-17011 BRKT.Stabilizer 32.16 + vat the pair, Y48815-17020 Stabilizer bush 19.84 + vat the pair and I've "borrowed". some stainless steel M8 allen screws,washers and nylock nuts from work, Paul told me fitting the rear bols in their new position can be fiddley but is doable.......

30-01-2009, 23:32
Aye, he telt me that too. lol

But he also fitted one fairly recently and it seemed to go on in the old bolt holes just fine. Watched him do it and questioned it at the time.

Give it a try in the standard holes 1st for me will you please squire, just to confirm or deny what i fink i know.

I'd do it 2moro as i have the car and the ARB but i don't have the brackets. Is that the stabilizers (32.16 + vat for the pair?)

31-01-2009, 13:20
No Ollie thats the pair of front arb mounting brackets that Paul told me I'd need not the stabilizer link arms, my missus has given me permission to do it this afternoon, so I'm just about to go out in the cold to fit it, but its warmer than yesterday (just), and forecast for snow next week and I don't have a garage so working on the driveway brrrrrr!!

31-01-2009, 15:53
heyho chaps, it took about 2 hours, there was no way I could use the original holes, so maybe the mk1b holes are located further back than the mk1a.....not only but also the access panel Paul told me about was hopeless,let alone fiddley (you'd need fingers with the thickness and flexibility of spaghetti) so in a fit of pique made my own.....I filled the cap head with grease so it would stay on the allen key and gently lowered it through my access hole which I made above the new mounting hole. One other thing the clearance holes in the front brackets were for m8 bolts - the rear original bolts are m10 so you need to drill out 1 hole in each bracket(I used m8 st/st cap heads in my new holes) I have taken snaps if they are of any use to anyone - let me know and I will post them.....

31-01-2009, 16:01
Aye we always like pics.

Glad you got it sorted, sorry it was such a pain.

So did it sit too far forward on the original bracket mounts and foul the suspension arm?

31-01-2009, 16:08
It wasn't that much of a pain, specially once I'd made some extra access in the boot....
Fouled all sorts in different positions, damper cups, suspension arms and stabilizer link arms wouldn't connect.....

31-01-2009, 16:20
hmm mines a mk1a so when i get round my wheel brake issue i ll have alook at mine mine came with polybushes and brackets so going to use those

31-01-2009, 17:35
I've been out for a spin down my favourite twisty b roads and I can certainly feel the difference - 2 hours well spent I reckon, can still feel a bit of sway but I put that down to aging dampers and spax lowering springs that I now believe can't take the weight/power of the V6, these were better than ok when it was only a 1.6.....next step konis methinks time to save some more pennies!!!!!

01-02-2009, 14:09
Hi not sure how to put the snaps in the right place:freak3:

01-02-2009, 14:19
Snap 1, shows the difference between weedy mk1 arb and much bigger mk2 turbo arb;)
Snap 2, use existing rear bolt hole from the old mount in the front hole of the new mount, line it up, bolt it down tight and drill through.
Snap 3, shows the mk2 turbo arb in final position.:thumbsup:
Snap 4, dropped nuts and bolts through std Toyota access hole (the nice rectangular one)mmm,thought I'd lost them forever in the chassis member :rant: :idea: uuh! made my own directly above the new bolt hole, filled the caphead screw with grease,pushed the allen key in and lowered it into the rear bolt location, which also made it easy to do it up tight!!!:driving:

05-02-2009, 09:41
Olberj - did you fit your arb? if you look at my first piccie you'll see why you have to drill new mounting holes, maybe there is a difference between the mk1a and mk1b?

05-02-2009, 19:13
Me? Work on my own car? Are you mental? lol

I'm gonna be home this weekend so might get a chance to do some work on Black Bob, i need the front subframe brackets 1st though.

I'll get round to it, hopefully before our first track outing on the 7th March.

Would you believe it? a Mk1.6 on track!

05-02-2009, 20:09
Let me know how you get on, Thruxton is only about 20 miles from me, when I'm happy with the suspension I intend to see if they do open sessions there!!!!

05-02-2009, 21:50
Aye, there'll be loads of pics and hopefully video too if i can get hold of the equipment.

Paul Woods
06-02-2009, 07:05
Nice work nik,the mk1b doesnt need the brackets moving back and will fit in the stock location,just the mk1a that needs moving back.

06-02-2009, 11:32
Let me know how you get on, Thruxton is only about 20 miles from me, when I'm happy with the suspension I intend to see if they do open sessions there!!!!

Thruxton has been crippled by noise regulations in the last few years. they barely even race there any more. theres a handful of race meetings per year, mostly motorbikes, literally no testing (not even on race weekends, youll usually get about 20 mins shake down per race series thats running there), and almost definitely no open testing or trackdays. im not even sure if they run the driving school there anymore, although id guess they probably do, with super quiet cars

best place around us is Brands Hatch, its a 90 minute drive but its not too bad. Silverstone is only 90 minutes too, Castle Combe is about 2 hours but they tend not to have too much going on either due to noise restrictions. theres an old air base at Abingdon that runs quite a few coned-out trackdays which is just up the road, Goodwood occasionally runs them but i dont like the circuit. If you want a world class circuit to have a blast around though then its got to be Brands Hatch or Silverstone from here