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27-01-2009, 20:33
as in title really,cheap as poss i want a project not 1 i can drive straight away mk1/mk2 not really bothered aslong as it has interior,nearer the better,il wait for the offers to roll in:thumbsup: im in surrey but can travel

27-01-2009, 20:49
Might be a good idea to post where you are bud.

27-01-2009, 21:57
consider it edited,cheers buddy!

29-01-2009, 22:46
any car/condition please

30-01-2009, 00:56
What sort of budget do you have? I've got a mk2 g-limited with a knackered head gasket I might be prepared to let go. It's quite tatty, but wouldn't make much to polish up.


15-02-2009, 17:55

16-02-2009, 14:07
ive got one sat in a lock up. it runs and drives, just needs overhauling (suspension and brakes, engine was pulling pretty well when i was using it), plus its got some rust in all of the usual places (ive knocked a few holes in it where bad repairs were made by the previous owner to see the extent in some areas). you could take it away for 200, its got no tax or MOT and has sat for about a year. battery isnt great, but it starts when jumped. youd need to trailer it (or take the risk on driving it, but i wouldnt, the tyres are borderline blowouts where theyve sat so long)

P.S. its a G-reg mk1, think its got about 120k on the clock, its a nice shade of faded red. it used to have a knackered leather interior but ive got a feeling i stuck my cloth seats in it, steering wheel is a bit mouldy, and a fair few bits of trim and stuff from around the car (interior and exterior) have been pulled off and chucked in the cabin, some small parts may be missing

its definitely a project car! would need a fair amount of work, but its cheap and im in basingstoke, so potentially not all that far from you

17-02-2009, 20:34
Hey Rich,

I have a mk2 g-limited, black tin-top. I brought it as a project myself, but haven't got the time or money to put into it at the moment. The car has done around 90k, so low for age and drives fine. It has MOT on it for next 7 or 8 months, but no tax. two sets of wheels, with a good set of tires so can be driven fine.

It needs tidying up in a few areas, currently have bumper side strips and spoiler section removed, as was in process of repainting them. The n/s headlight braket is knackered, so would need replacing, but car all works fine, all work required is cosmetic. It has ABS, had air con, but system knacked and now gone.

Would make a lovely car if had time and money, but unfortunately can't find either. if you want to pop over for a look, feel free, i'm in hatfield, herts at the mo.