View Full Version : oh no! anyone got one 3vzfe oil control piston ring?

17-10-2009, 13:03

just rebuilding the engine today after having tony do the heads and had the block decked too, and i have broken one of the upper oil control rings..

i dont want to shell out for a new ring set, as all the other rings are well within tolerance..

its just this one which is about an inch shorter now!! lol

has anyone got one that is not in to bad condition, maybe from a rebuild which had new rings?

this is so irratting as it has stopped me getting this built up today!<:(

17-10-2009, 13:37
Post a pic up of what your after, I might have one.

EDIT... I definitely have more than a few :)

17-10-2009, 14:29
yeah they have been slightly radiused, but its not much, and i hold my hands up to being too heavy handed with this one... have a habit of using more force than needed..

17-10-2009, 18:44
Which ring is the one that your after?

17-10-2009, 19:34


its the top ring part of the oil control ring, which itself is made up of 3 parts, upper ring, lower ring and seperator..

it comes off without the rest of the oil ring and pretty easily due to its thinness..

26-10-2009, 18:45
Big thanks to Baronmr..

Sent me down a couple of rings for gratis!

took a while to get here cos of the mail having their little strike...

but all in all, top bloke!

thanks very very much.