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Captain Plastic

They come out at night, mostly.

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Found a reddish oxidized metallic substance I believe some people call RUST. May have to become a collector - because I found loads of it. Under the car - which Iím assuming isnít a celebratory find. Iím actually not that bothered at the moment - yeah itís mildly annoying - like vegans at a BBQ. I do however have a short term remedy, a tarpaulin.

Mundanity alert!!! Garage doors are really expensive! Seriously, Iím going to have to have a garage sale in order to get myself a garage. The previous inhabitants of my house had bricked up the garage and put a nice double glazed faux leaded light window in. They had, however, not completed the conversion - so inside it is basically still a garage.

But hereís the dilemma - wing mirror tip - to wing mirror tip the AW11 is 6ft. But what will it be when I have Ďbastadisedí the design? My garage door cavity is approximately 7ft. Do I allow this to govern my design? Or do I find the extra money and do the building work necessary to get maybe 8ft - and then have less money to squander/burn/invest in the project?

How about GULL WING DOORS? Not Lamboís, not scissor, butterfly, reverse cow-girl, not suicide. Proper Gull Wings. I had them on an Eagle SS - with varying degrees of success.

Iíve got a T-Bar - so the basic shape is intact. Done right it would look cooler than a penguins testicular region. Done badly, a retarded Transformer.

Have a multi-point roll FIA type roll-cage fitted [url][/url]. Welded in, discrete - hopefully nigh on invisible. This will add weight, obviously (and chassis rigidity) - however, discarding Ďotherí stuff will significantly counteract the weight deficit + plus the 3ltr V6 Supercharged lump should help a tad. These sites particularly helpful [url][/url] and [url][/url].

Anyway, the Gull Wing would not be the full size door. It would come down to approximately the contour line on the MK1 - approximately 2/3rds down the door. The roof and T-Bar would be reinforced. Also, this will enable me to have side impact bars and build them into the design. The Gull Wing will also be a much lighter, Ideally steel-framed Carbon Fibre - (more likely GRP). It will even have an electric window - but with a very small opening aperture (like the Delorean DMC12). You got to check this out [url][/url].

As a footnote to this mundane entry. A bird dumped on the T-Bar. If that bird had been 5í9 and called Eva Mendez, then I MAY have overlooked her indiscretion - BUT this bird was a frigging Pterodactyl and itís penchant for berries has all but ruined muesli fetish ([url][/url]).

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