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Captain Plastic

"Dave, this conversation can serve no purpose anymore. Goodbye."

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The spend rocketed up by splashing out on a £24 tarpaulin. Life in the fast lane. Now I know how John Delorean and Eddie Laker felt in those hedonist sideburn days.

I was actually holding out on purchasing any tools until I have a garage to put them in - but HALFORDS PROFESSIONAL TOOLS have a reasonable reputation and they currently have £100 off the 150 piece kit...


...and now I’m moderately ashamed as I let my dear old Mum (Hi Mum & thank you) buy them for my birthday. Bad son. But is that technically another £99 on the spend or not? If so, the total spend is now sitting at £567. I feel morally unclean and as penance will now bath in the glorious assortment of ratchets and spanners to cleanse myself.

Got the new V5 for the Toyota through from DVLA. It’s a fundamentally unamused looking document. Red, annoyed, like a printed smacked arse. Got big letters emblazoned across the front ‘THIS DOCUMENT IS NOT PROOF OF OWNERSHIP’. Now I grasp the nuance. I understand the concept - but VIRTUALLY everyone believes that having a V5 in your name, kinda means you own the vehicle. It doesn’t. I knew it - but I didn’t know I knew it.

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