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Captain Plastic

"Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?"

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Apologies - this entry is a tad random - a displacement activity.

Anybody see BBC CASUALTY on Saturday night (13th Aug)? No, me neither. Not really on my televisual radar. But it happened to be an episode that I directed. I wouldnít normally mention it, as despite rumours to the contrary Iím not a total self-publicizing whore. However, I bring it up on this occasion as we got to play silly buggers with a BMW which was kinda fun. If you get a chance persevere through the first 7 minutes on the iplayer. [url][/url]

Incidentally, CFSV6MR2MK1IGWSC has been re-named. The vehicle shall, from this day forth, be known as McQUEEN.

Obviously, you are all blown away by my uncompromising originality, donít deny it. Youíre jealous that you didnít think of naming your own Mr2 after the suave, debonair and dare I say it Ďiconicí legend that is Steve McQueen. The only man cool enough to get away with having a brown Ferrari - from the factory. Remember BULLITT! Google it.

Truth is, Iíve been reliably informed by the shortest and sharpest member of my clan that Dadís new broken car is named after some little cartoon scrotum sack called Lightening McQueen. I know its retarded! But I lost out to a particularly hard negotiating six year old. If I gave the sprog pocket-money I would stop it in protest. Damn that childs education!

What is the point of a Daewoo Matiz? Itís a comedy car. Itís an Alan & Jimmy Carr. Iím embarrassed for it. I actually blush when I see one. Thereís nothing wrong with it. Pity aside, I think I quite like it. I also like sheep - but donít ever want to be caught climbing out the back of one.

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