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Captain Plastic

‘If I'm not back in five minutes... wait longer!

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The Daewo Matiz needs a restraining order for indecency. It’s like having a pigmy fetish. It’s humiliating and could end up in criminal proceedings.

Let’s be brutally honest, in a sweeping generalisation, many fiberglass body-kits are like dead epileptics - they don’t fit. They’re a bit like the artist formerly known as Jordan, heinous amounts of filler and silicone are needed to achieve a mildly pleasing end result.

As I kind of mentioned in a previous scribble, I’m seriously contemplating having a 3D scan of McQueen done when I’ve finished the fiberglass buck. However the more I look into it - the more intriguing it becomes. In fact, whilst I’m on the subject, isn’t intriguing an intriguing word? I don’t know the etymology, which incidentally, is in itself an intriguing word. Rumour is; dictionaries are available from all good book-shops.

Been corresponding with one of the many companies that provide the scanning service - and awaiting a quote from a very nice lady. Actually, she may be a Lysergic Acid Diethylamide dependent, bunny boiling, crack-whore - but she types nice. Other defamatory misogynistic comments are available without prescription. Just ask your pharmacist.

So, the question; Is there any worth in having a totally standard Mr2 Mk1 3D scanned, inside and out, all returns, wings, doors, bonnet, boot, suspension, engine bay, underneath - everything? And having a fully accurate 3D model built for future endless examination/manipulation in CAD? Is that kinda thing worth a group buy - with the eventual aim to make it free for all? Dunno.

Meanwhile, it turns out that LSD is a hallucinogenic drug and I’m the only heterosexual to ever get a parking ticket in Camden.

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  1. nik's Avatar
    brace yourself when that quote comes through mate..been there done that and it aint cheap! i wanted scans for mesh manipulation and parts production using rapid prototyping. you may well have more financial freedom than me, it isn't hard but i was shocked at the current cost of doing things the 'new way'. you may be better off learning to mold! keep us posted.
  2. Captain Plastic's Avatar
    Haven't got the quote back yet - but yeah, I'm bricking up my arse now! And with my finances like Shawshank - looks like learning to mould will be the only way forward.