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Captain Plastic

'What is your major malfunction, numbnuts?'

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Off on a tangent... TAN-GENT noun: ORIGIN late 16th cent from Latin tangent- Ďtouching,í from the verb tangere... My car history has not been great - hereís a few in no particular order: Morris Marina, Nissan Sunny, Austin Allegro (borrowed), Mini Van, Transit, Eagle SS kit car, Mr2 Mk1 (borrowed) Mr2 (mk2), Rover SDI, Opel Manta, Datson 280ZX, MG Metro, Frog Eyed Sprite, MGB GT (V8), Karma (Dino Kit with a Porsche Engine). Montego, VW Beetle, VW Camper Van x 2, BMW 3 Series, Alfasud, Lancia Delta, Lancia Integrale (borrowed) Capri Laser, Renault Fuego (borrowed), Lotus Esprit S1, Audi AllRoad, V5 Beetle and now a 1986 Mr2 Mk1.

To repeat repeat myself, the most unreliable car I have ever owned (as you can see - there has been a few) was the 1978 Lotus Esprit S1. Pushed it further than I ever drove it. It was fantastically underpowered and put together by Helen Keller. I ploughed thousands into trying to keep it on the road - and failed. However, I absolutely LOVED IT! And, one day, when hell defrosts, I will own another one - simply because it was ACE.

Got the first quote through for 3D scanning. I have to be honest, I nearly shat blood! Yet have no doubt I could get it substantially cheaper!! Itís a suitably simplistic quote - but considering the vast amount of complicated options available - simplistic is good.

OPTION ONE; was for a basic scan & Rapid Surfacing (whereby the exterior is scanned as a continuous surface) the cost would be in the region of £5650 + Vodka & Tonic.

Thatís broken down to approximately a day and a half for the scan - and five days for surfacing.

The next option, conveniently entitled OPTION TWO; was scanning & Rapid Surfacing - but scanning the exterior as separate panels - up to first return. The price rocketed to £11800 + (insert own comedy acronym to suit).

Itís unfair to say which of the scanning companies supplied these preliminary figures and Iím sure itís open to negotiation - but at that kinda price then can kiss my nondenominational anus.

Actually, at what point in the negotiations do you negotiate that the negotiations are none negotiable. Itís a simple question I ask, a question so simple in itís complexity as to confuse the simpleton that asked it.


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  1. nik's Avatar
    Sad to say, as expected fella, certainly not a company specific cost unless we managed to unwittingly approach the same vendor. Now there's a project for one of our members, build a 3d scanner for BMs to borrow providing they pay postage of course.
    In addition the actual prototyping materials and manufacture isn't this side of affordable either for anything larger than a few cm3.
    Just think though in ten years time we'll all be designing our own body kits and getting them printed down at the corner shop for 10p a pop.
  2. Captain Plastic's Avatar
    I was blinded by ignorance brother. That's a crying shame isn't it. Seriously, how much wedge would these guys make if the Bansai and VDub boys alone got jiggy wid it. Looks like it's back to Play-Doh. Joy.