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Captain Plastic

Get away from her - you bitch!

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Okay. Okay. So, been a while. Got a new Mr2 Mk3. The old Mk1 fell apart - from the inside out - like a prolapsed anus. It was a real shame - I loved that car. Well, love might be too strong a word. I 'liked' it, considerably - like custard.

The new Mk3 is a 2000. In epileptic green. The front end rattles like a couple of gay skeletons wanking each other off in a dustbin. But that's ok. The brakes squeal like a (insert legal version of what I was going to write here). But that is also ok. The radio looks like it was installed by Jimmy Saville. But even that is almost ok. What is not ok - is that the previous owner left a turquoise Croc in the frunk. Very not ok.

In other news...

The car is going into Woodsport soon(ish) - to be rolled in some V6 sugar - and then licked repeatedly.

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