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Bought a pair of overalls. This shit is getting serious now.

Armed with a righteous lack of knowledge and knowhow - I have embarked on my biggest MR2 related task to date… New suspension, new braided brake lines and new brake Callipers - what the feck could go wrong, eh?

A month ago (Edit: a few months ago now) I received a package ‘almost’ as cool as the Fonz himself, from BC Racing containing, surprisingly enough, a set of coil-overs. Happy Days. (CUT TO: Several months later the coilovers are still in the box).

Also ordered some very nice looking braided YELLOW hoses from KAM Racing. They sent BLACK ones. Which was bit of a pisser to be fair. Sent them back - they kindly refunded the postage and refunded the original postage as as ‘sorry we dropped a bollock’ . Now waiting for the Yellow ones to arrive. Soon, Obi Wan.

Decided not to send the old brake callipers to Big Red (read too many shitty reviews) opted to send them to BCS instead for a full refurb and paint. Ferrari Yellow. They were due back two weeks ago, but hey, what’s two weeks among friends. Well, to be pedantic, it’s 14 days. Friends or not. 14 days, 336 hours, 20,160 minutes and 1,209,600 seconds.

And finally… Still dreaming of Lambo doors. Done a lot of soul searching. Our Soul searching, even arsehole searching (arsehole searched was models own). But the dream still lives. I have considered giving myself electric shock therapy because it’s such a monumentally stupid thing to do. I still might. I have actually punched myself in the gonads in disgust, but scissor sister doors will happen (when the funds permit, obviously). Adios.
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