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Thread: Jae confirmed

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    Jesus how far, why didnt they go whole hog and stick it in france :(

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    447 Miles.

    Thank fuck it's 3 days lol

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    Christ ollie i though my 450mile round trip was bad, that said I have just done 1200 miles in 6 days so no different really so dunno what Im going on about lol!

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    Well that pretty much writes it off for me this year, what was all the talk of going for somewhere central???

    This is a 1000 mile round trip of seriously crap roads.

    Not happy as I was really looking forward to making it my first time there.

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    4 tanks of petrol, £120ish?

    7 hours each way.

    Mite be better off just flying down and back up?


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    Also if the waters in then no-ones going anywhere unless you got a boat.
    sounds like a great venue just the location is going to cause a few issues for the northern scottish lot.

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    "Not only is this better weather but its still school holiday time and should give us a much better event to round off the Summer"

    I bet it pisses it down all weekend

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    I think I might skip it this year ... 275 miles. 550 round trip.


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    I can feel a Northern Japanese Auto Extravaganza coming on...

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