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    Your big JAE foam hand?

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    I also think we should meet in Durham the night before for a beer to celebrate "The Next Step"...

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    If you're camping, you'll need a fold up chair and cooking gear unless you'll be eating out all the time.

    Maybe a boot mounted rack to give extra room in the car if you're twosup.

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    £66 for the Ostend to Ramsgate ferry. 3 hours. I'll be havin a bit of that.

    *EDIT* £99 for Hook of Holland to Harwich, this'll save a bit of driving but is 5 and a bit hours on the ferry.

    The hand got binned at JAE along with the tent i think lol I'll maybe order another for those "comedy moments".

    Jasp, av got those wee 3 legged stool things that won't take up much room.

    Am no into cooking constantly for a week so i'd probably eat out, is that not what everyone else will be doing anyways? Decent breakfast to soak up the beer, lunch snack then a good feed at night.

    I'll happily be cold and wet if needs be, the beer can help with that but no fucking way am i going hungry lol
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    Agreed Ollie - I'll be sampling the local cuisine everywhere....

    I expect in Norway, you're gonna want some puffin? :P

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    Do they eat Puffin in Norway?

    Or are you referring to another type of puffin? I cannae handle that stuff, jus makes me pass out.

    I do like my seafood so will be having plenty of that in a few places.

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    Walkie talkies for keeping in touch with (may need a licence in Europe).

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    Have heard a silly story about how in some European countries it is a legal requirement to carry a spare fuel can and that in neighbouring countries it is illegal to carry one, so hopefully common sense will prevail.

    On a side note has anyone else noticed that in the biker build off series the riders set off on a "1000 mile journey across America carrying only the shirts on their backs" but all seem to have crash helmets when they reach states that require them Maybe we should include a discovery channel support crew to our packing list...


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    T-shirt please...


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