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    What's it gonna cost?

    Gonna have to look at this closely, seein as things are a touch toight i'd like to make this feasible without bankrupting me.

    Any ideas on Ferry prices? Last time i looked it was about £200 return for the car.
    £200 / £100 per person

    Fuel for 1 week - 2000 miles/25 mpg = 80 gallons = 320 litres roughly so
    £300 / £150 per person

    B&B's for 5 nights or Camping?



    Souveniers? lol

    So whaddya think it'll cost?

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    The route for the first week is around 2000 km, from Stavanger to Rotterdam, stopping in the various cities.

    2000 km = 1244 miles (call it 1250) @ 25mpg = 50 gallons = ~220ltrs @ 85p ltr = £187 in fuel. Call it £200 notes for roundness.

    Food = £15/day
    Beer = £25/day (min!)
    Souvenirs = just take photos and give people a hug when you get back.

    Accomodation is unknown yet. I think if we alternate camping with a B&B/Hotel, then people can have a decent wash every other day at least. Paul will actually smell better.

    £400 for the week plus accomodation I think, or thereabouts.

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    That's no that bad at all then.

    Obviously keep a buffer for contingencies.

    £500 per person should be a fair bet. I'll start putting money aside then

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    Aye - personally, I think if there's 2 people, then £300/person will be no problem.

    I'm praying I get 25mpg lol

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    Aye, av gotta include petrol money back up from Ramsgate though, and another 7 hours driving lol

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    Technically, that's not part of the BB08 run! :)

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    Oh that's alright then lol

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    Can't you get AA cover (which you should have for the BrutalBall!) and then mysteriously breakdown on the way home, then get the AA to bring you home and kip in teh transporter.

    Not that I condone those actions .... much :P

    Use the AA though, Green Flag are shit

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    That's not a bad idea chief. Not bad at all.

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    I'm a devious bastard sometimes.

    I can see 4 -5 MR2's breakling down within 5 miles of the port lol

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