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    Quote Originally Posted by OlberJ
    That's no that bad at all then.

    Obviously keep a buffer for contingencies.

    £500 per person should be a fair bet. I'll start putting money aside then
    Why bother, you'll only pull out :hidesbehi

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasper
    Why bother, you'll only pull out :hidesbehi
    Do you know that's the exact same thing my ex said anytime i suggested an early night.


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    and that's why she's an ex! :hidesbehi

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    You didn't pull out of her brother as well did you? lol

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    You're not gonna believe me when i tell you her little brother was a raging homo lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnny g
    Use the AA though, Green Flag are shit
    Johnny I wasn't allowed to join the AA cause of mr w - he used to work for green flag and says they are the best. I broke down a couple of years back with my mk 1 on the M5 and waited 2 bloody hours for green flag to come out! On my own as well. But if I joined the AA I would never hear the end of it!

    Looking forward to BrutalBall hope your checking out suitable accommodation mr g

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    I know Mr W worked for Green Flag lol - hence why I'm with the AA :)

    Lyn is just sorting the ferry, then we're doing the accomodation. We need to budget for accomdation though. Hotels and B&B's need to be checked - and campsites too.

    you can always help :P

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    ok dear you let me know what i can do to help

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    Arrange all the accomodation between Gothenbourg and Monaco :)

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