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    Brutal Ball Costings

    Here is the proposed costings for this little trip of ours. Take a look and see what you think - the sooner we have confirmed numbers the sooner I can get the rooms fixed and the prices secured!


    Week 1 Only
    1 person = £531
    2 people = £635

    Week 2 Only
    1 person = £500
    2 people = £787

    Both Weeks
    1 person = £831
    2 people = £1200

    Price Includes:
    Week 1 – return passage
    Week 2 – outward passage only
    Both weeks – outward passage only

    Price Excludes:
    Beakdown cover

    1) Prices for boarding houses were the same as prices for camping therefore only prices for boarding houses have been costed.
    2) Rooms have not been reserved as final numbers were not known – prices may change if boarding houses are full and alternative rooms have to be sourced.
    3) Some rooms will include breakfast but this will be confirmed when final reservations are made.


    Week 1 – 27th July to 4th August

    Ferry - Newcaste to Stavanger on 27th of July one way – £254.00

    Night 1 - Kristiansand (Norway) - 28th July
    Comfort Hotel Skagerak
    Single Bed – £20.00
    Double /Twin Bed - £25.00

    Night 2 – Fredrikstad (Norway) - 29th July
    Ditt Hotell Fontenen
    Double /Twin Bed - £20.00

    Night 3 – Gothenburg (Sweden) - 30th July
    Bw Hotel Eggers
    Single Bed – £25.00
    Double /Twin Bed - £30.00

    Night 4 - Malmo (Sweden) - 31st July
    Scandic Segevang Malmo North
    Single Bed – £15.00
    Double /Twin Bed - £20.00

    Night 5 - Hamburg (Germany) - 1st August
    St. Georg
    Single Bed – £45.00
    Double /Twin Bed - £75.00

    Night 6 – Essen (Germany) - 2nd August
    Zum Deutschen Haus
    Single Bed – £27.00
    Double /Twin Bed - £60.00

    Night 7 – Rotterdam (Netherlands) - 3rd August
    De Gunst
    Single Bed – £25.00
    Double /Twin Bed - £40.00

    Ferry - Rotterdam to Harwich - one way – 2.30pm Monday 4th August
    £89.00 passage plus £11.00 per person (for a seat!)

    Week 2 – 4th August – 11th August

    Night 8 - Cologne (Germany) - 4th August
    Single Bed – £40.00
    Double /Twin Bed - £80.00

    Night 9 – Stuttgart (Germany) - 5th August
    Fissler Post
    Single Bed – £60.00
    Double /Twin Bed - £76.00

    Night 10 – Davos (Switzerland) - 6th August
    Single Bed – £110.00
    Double /Twin Bed - £190.00

    Night 11 – Bern (Switzerland) - 7th August
    Metropole Swiss Q Hotel
    Single Bed – £47.00
    Double /Twin Bed - £85.00

    Night 12 – Chamonix (France) - 8th August
    Hotel De L'arve
    Single Bed – £20.00
    Double /Twin Bed - £53.00

    Night 13 – Monaco - 9th August
    Tulip Inn Monaco Terminus
    Single Bed – £100.00
    Double /Twin Bed - £160.00

    Night 14 – Millau (France) - 10th August
    Du Chateau De Creissels
    Single Bed – £23.00
    Double /Twin Bed - £32.00

    The final step is still open at the moment!
    Millau to Calais for the return ferry is 930km, so around 8 hours. There is an alternative of a ferry from Bilbao (north Spain) to Plymouth. Bilbao is still 6 hours from Millau, but, you get an overnight ferry on the way back - refreshed for the journey ahead.

    We are talking quite a bit of money here so when we have confirmed numbers we will reserve the rooms and everyone will need to pay individually when they get there. As for the ferries everyone needs to reserve their own passage - we'll just tell you which sailing to book on!

    So back to you guys - what do you think - who's still interested - any new takers - all that sort of stuff.

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    Defo Still interested, looks good prices to me. Just hope I can sort out a car now. Need to get one of them working even if its the standard one.

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    I think I might be in lol!

    Actually, I'm DEFINATELY IN!!! Roll on the summer. I've bought my HiDef camcorder ready to record all the scenary (and Paul's hangovers).

    Rock and roll folks

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    Sounds very reasonably, cheaper than my hol in mexico
    we will have to all make an effort for this one

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    Fantastic organisation there miss owen!!! It actually looks more appealing now, I'll speak to the missus again bout this one!

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    Do you have a Toyota to go in? :P

    *uses Toyota rather than MR2 as I'm going in the Supra lol

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    Nope.... I spent my mr2 money on a bike as it'll be cheaper in the long run?.... If I put a lexus badge on the mondeo will it count?

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    Not really, but seeing as it's you, I can mock you for a week or two

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    excellent work lyn..
    we live in folkestone (10mins from dover) so the option of a kip before the treck up country is there if anyone fancies it..might be nice to come back on the chunnel a great shot of a line of twos on the train..better than a ferry too...

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    Just a thought..... does anyone need a co-pilot / co-driver? :)

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