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    Sorry to be a dick but I can't be arsed reading the whole thread again. what dates are we going?

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    Shit, scrap that, I just read the first post. Looking good.

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    i will see what i am doing closer to the time... i might be able to come with you all for the 1st week.. not gonna be able to give a definate answer until last minuite tho... gotta get my rev3 turbo plumbed in and all mods done first, then try and save some money for the trip...

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    Aye, would be good to have you along mate - but you'll have to take care of your own arrangements though...

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    will do, you will have to send me the details of all the hotels your staying in closer to the time, and i will get booked in...

    any idea how much i would need for fuel and stuff???

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    sounds good to me... will try and get the pennies saved up :)

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    Those in BLUE are confirmed. RED is not responded. BLACK is out.
    Week 1

    01. Marksman and Miss Owen (one or two cars - two people)
    02. Paff (one car, one person)
    03. Paul Woods and Miss.Tress (one car, one person, one Paul)
    04. OlberJ (one car, two people)
    05.el quimedente and miss freckles (one car, two people).
    06. Podge (one car, two people).
    07. Johnny G (1 car, 2 people)
    08. MSherry21 (1 car, 2 people)


    Week 2
    01. Johnny G (1 car, 2 people)
    02. MSherry21 (1 car, 2 people)
    Paul Woods and Miss.Tress (one car, one person, one Paul)

    Well there we have.

    Two cars going. For absolute fuck sake.

    Close thread please.

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    totally stunned by the result..makes you feel like just walking away from TB..
    very fucked off indeed..!

    thread closed..

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