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    Mk1 TD replica engine lid

    Only 15 of these Mk1 engine lids were ever made, nearly all of them exist in the US and are no longer in production.This is a replica of the Thomas Designs engine lid that we will shortly be producing in about 4 weeks time.

    I am going to be using one of these on my mk1 v8 for cooling reasons but it also suits the "on steroids" style of my car.It will mean i can add two huge fans under the vents.

    This thread is for pre-order bookings, no deposits or anything at this stage, i just need to get a rough idea of numbers for the moulder.

    All lids will be sold on an exchange basis for an old mk1 NA lid,i need to use the webbing and underside of a stock mk1 lid to make these.... so either send me your lid or any old one off ebay (cheap as chips!).

    Prices are not confirmed as yet but i am hoping the manufacturing costs are kept fairly low and we can supply these somewhere in the £150-£180 region (with old lid taken in exchange)

    If you are interested whack your name below, no commitment as yet

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    Yes please Mr Woods lol P.s wiil be at yours on Wed with your dosh for bumpers. Cheers mate

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    Nice mate.

    You got a v8?

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    Slap us down for one Paul I'm assumeing this would be great for the 2gr swop.

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    I'm down if you can ship it to Hawaii ^_^

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    I think you have a tb trend starting here Paul it may end up with who hasn't got one which is no bad thing as I think they look rather nice.

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    Yep, I'd be interesed.. I have a few old NA lids kicking around as well..

    Thanks Paul, another fantastic product!


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