Posting this on behalf of topgun who would like to thank everybody who did for turning up & taking part. The certificate will be made available to all those that would like a copy :)

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Well after getting fobbed of by GWR i constantly sent emails to various departments about the confirmationof of our previous world record attempt low and behold recieved this email today


Thank you for your email.

We apologise for the delayed response.

Due to an administration error, your sent evidence was never logged as "received" in our system.

I have located the documents and approved your claim just now.

This is to confirm that you have set the new Guinness World Record for Largest parade of Toyota cars.

A certificate to commemorate this has been sent out to your address and should arrive shortly.

Congratulations to your achievement!

Yours sincerely,

Kristian Teufel
Guinness World Records
To say i am over the moon is an understatment,also a big thanks to my merry men of helpers Gaz.Kiz and Chris will be having quite a few beers at Jap Finale to celebrate this achievement. :yahoo:
Roll on the next one eh!

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