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    Introducing Orion paint & bodyworks

    Evening all,

    I'm Phillip, I've been a member on here and other forums for some time but due to health problems, rarely had the chance to show my face. I am now known as Orion paint & bodyworks and own said company.

    We are automotive paint and bodywork specialists based in the north west. We do all jobs from the smallest dent to a full respray, to custom fibreglass, carbon and paint work.

    The vision I have is to create a bodyshop like no other, with customer satisfaction a priority, aiming to create an environment where each and every one of my customers will feel comfortable leaving thier car in the hands of our highly skilled technicians. With over 10 years of experience, we will combine a professional bodyshop with the highest levels of customer service to deliver total satisfaction to each customer.

    We're a small family run company and take pride in taking the extra time and trouble to get every job just right. Nothing is returned untill we are 100% happy with it. From a small scratch or scuff to a full car respray we will always work to the highest standards. As an Orion paint and bodyworks customer you’ll be told what needs to be done and how much it will cost to do it, no hidden costs or surprises upon paying the bill. And working with you on every detail along the way, using our knowledge and your ideas we hope to deliver the result that you want.

    I am going to strive to provide the best possible customer service. If you have a query, a question, a suggestion or thought, or would just like to find out who we are, and what we do, then we will be happy to hear from you.

    Either send us a quick message on here or contact us directly. My website is still under construction but please do keep checking back as we add more to it. New products and projects will be added in the coming weeks as I get the ball rolling.

    Email us on


    Thank you very much for having me, I'll aim to donate a percentage of each sale from here to the club.

    Best wishes to you all,

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    Welcome on board mate. TB wishes you all the best.

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    Hi Phil,

    Welcome to the club, where abouts are you based in the North West?



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    I second goldy where in the northwest are you based ?

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    Sorry guys, I'm in Lancashire, about 10 miles from Preston, PR7

    Thanks for the welcome.

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    Not far from a mate of mine the in preston, any pics of customers cars ?

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    Sure, I'll be updating the website in the next few weeks once my larger unit is sorted and I've moved in. I don't really have the space to do entire cars at the moment Tiggs, its been all parts of, although I have been doing so with a portable booth, its just not ideal. Once my unit is sorted I can get a second hand one fitted.

    At the moment I'm working on a Rev 5 carbon spoiler and a replica Toms style kit for a customer. We also have a Mk2 quad light set up with angel eyes in development.


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    I have pics of work done by 'Orion'

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    Been suggested that i add this to my pictures

    to be fair these parts are "unfinished"; an exhaustive 6-month preparation programme had been undertaken to get these part to how you see them now

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    those pics have been given out of context and to be honest do not give the background to the dispute between you. there is obvisously some history between you both and what has been said on other forums needn't be said again here. the problems between customer and business should really be sorted out long before public slanging matches start.
    i would be grateful if you could sort you problems out privately away from the public forums but more-so not on Twobrutal.
    thanks for your understanding with this request.

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