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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve-x-edge View Post
    I've been reading a thread over on IMOC about low rise kits. Someone in Germany makes these..

    These look about bang on if you ask me. Apparently he uses some lights from the Ferrari F355, or... Volvo FLC HGV...

    Thanks for that Steve mate, food for thought.

    I hate the square look personaly but those suit the car actually.

    Really want the quad look with projectors for the simple reason you can actually see in the dark then. I'll try get hold of a set and do a retrofit with bi xenon projectors possibly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Torero View Post
    Nice find Steve, if I am not mistaken Lee was trying to sell a similar set to these on IMOC.

    @Orion - Worth a look, Phil. They are Mitsubishi GTO Low Rise and I am sure that these would be perfect for you as they are complete with casings that are easily modified to fit the MK2.

    This is the link - I think he uses his full name on IMOC

    Cheers John. I'll look into it and see if projectors will fit and do something custom from there.

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    I've bought the GTO lights from Lee, unfortunately he can't deliver them till he's back in the country in 5 weeks.

    I'll keep going with the ideas I have till they turn up.

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    Saw a beutiful set on a corvette stingray couple of months ago, twin tubular custom design very nicely packaged.
    Will try and find the pic again but were on a for-sale forum.

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    Nothing new until I get these GTO lights I'm afraid.

    It's just going to be too pricey with the quads. The projectors alone are going to be £48 each for me to buy in.

    Although if I bought enough I would get a discount I imagine.

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