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    GB - Cometic MLS 3VZ-FE Headgaskets

    I have a solution with Cometic to 3VZ-FE MLS gaskets finally! :yahoo:

    Conversation below with Mike at Cometic

    Hi there,

    There's a rumour circulating that you guys are now making MLS gaskets for the 3VZ-FE toyota V6 engine. Is this true and if so what are the costs?

    Many thanks,
    Daniel sorry we do not make the gasket in MLS at this time.
    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for getting back to me on this and had a feeling that was the case. I have some information that may further the cause into getting these gaskets made.

    I run an MR2 with a 3VZ-FE V6 conversion. I have used fibre gaskets & copper gaskets which all let me down. The only thing that has come to prove reliable is your 5VZ-FE gaskets. You did read that correctly, I am using 5VZ-FE 3.4litre MLS gaskets on my 3.0litre engine. It has been operating like this for the past 3000 miles or more.

    The only difference between the 5VZ engine and the 3VZ engine (as far as headgaskets are concerned) is the bore. The 5VZ being 93.5mm and the 3VZ 87.5mm.... so this leads me to a question...

    What are the chances of you good people making a set of 5VZ gaskets with a smaller bore?

    Thanks again for your time.
    Yes we can make the bore size smaller, but the sealing embossments are going to stay the same. You will end up with 5.5mm of material from the embossments to the bore edge. No difference in price to make them smaller either.
    Thanks, Mike
    Okay Mike that sounds promising to me...

    That wouldn't be a problem I don't think, my concern is leaving the bore "sleeve" uncovered.

    I am happy to go on this basis but one more question if I may.

    Fibre gaskets are 1.3mm thick, the MLS ones are 0.040" or 1.02mm. Is it possible to layer up a thicker gasket to say 1.6mm to aid lowering compression or even to roughly 1.3mm to equal standard gasket thickness?

    I personally will proceed with these as will a good friend of mine. Could we improve the price If I were to order more sets perhaps?

    Finally, I know quite a few people on the MR2 and Toyota forums will be keen on this information. Would you be happy for me to pass on your details? Or maybe setup some part numbers with you once we have the thicknesses ironed out.

    Thanks again for your helpful responses on this.

    Yes we can make the gaskets thickness that you need. The problem is that to ship these to you would be $172.00 for express and $160.00 for expedited in USD for 6 gasket sets. So for it to be cost effective for you I would order as many possible. I believe there is also a wire transfer fee of $45.00 to wire the funds for international orders.
    Thanks Mike that's great!

    To help out on postage, would it be acceptable to ship them (hopefully cheaper) to an address in USA (This would be my parent company in Bethlehem PA). If that's acceptable it'd save a fortune plus would get round us getting stung this end on customs (parts would be put in a larger shipment of our machine parts).

    OK so finally, for thicker gaskets, would we be looking at a different price from standard? If so, how much would be a 1.3mm and 1.6mm comparible thickness gasket?

    I really do appreciate all your help on this!

    Just so you're aware; the Cometic 5VZ-FE gaskets at 0.040" thick are $94.46 each bank so thats about £120 a set so far.. :D

    Bear in mind i have been running on the unmodified 5vz gaskets for some time. Mr Wedge has put quite a few fairly stressful miles on them too. So who's interested?

    Because of the wire transfer thing it may have to come from one account. I personally don't mind buy them then everybody settling up with me. This first buy will be for 6 sets

    1. d-peg - 1.6mm set
    2. mr2extreme06 - 1.3mm set
    3. GaryA - 1.3mm set
    4. KayJay0_7 1.3mm set
    5. vinp182 1.3mm set
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    BlImey well done that man , great result .

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    I'm thinking - just to get this moving and done now to buy the 6 sets then whoever needs can buy a set off me at what they cost. I need these sorted as i cannot be arsed to pull apart my engine AGAIN!!!

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    Stick me down for a standard thickness set not sure if I will fit them so if you get more than 6 people thats fine ill maybe go in the next one

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    Could you put me down for a set of gaskets (standard thickness)
    I'm sure the time will come for me to change mine over

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    Any idea when this is going to go through? If it's more than a few months away, definitely count me in for a set of 1.6mm gaskets.


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    Hi Bevan,

    I am going to call and order this evening from them. But what i will do is get them to set up part numbers for us so we can call through to them in future and sort out with much less hassle!

    Getting in on a group buy may not be much benefit to you mate as you're several thousand miles away!

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    Would be fricken awesome if they could make it so that the ring pressing was in the right place though. From what I gather, that would mean that they would have to make a whole new set of dyes to press them with though. I wonder if that 5mm of material sticking towards the bore from the sealing pressing will bring on high boost detonation in a turbocharged motor? One easy way to find out...

    These are certainly cheaper than ferriday gaskets though.


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    Like i say - i've been using the stock 5vz gaskets for a while with no problem or damage to head or block. Now; having the added 5mm material beyod the seal will prevent damage (in the long term) to this area currently missing material. However i cannot see how this added material will cause det Bev?

    Each slice of an MLS is 0.25mm thick approx and squish together until almost flat, granted there's a minescule "void" between layers at this point but truly is minescule.

    Besides, i will be proving them on my supercharged motor anyway :)

    i'll let you know how the ordering goes this evening

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