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    My stock Mk1 going Brutal.

    Well aside from the mental V8 i also have this mint stocker sat on my driveway, i enjoyed driving her last summer, went to JAE in it and thrashed around the lakes in her, all good fun but something was missing for me. The car itself is pretty mint, everything on it is new from Toyota, the full running gear/braking system is all new, the bodywork is mint, not a spot of rust anywhere, so, it's time to get the grinder out!

    It's time for this car to go Brutal, i already have her new heart transplant sat on the engine stand at work, an Rx300 Vvti 1mz, an LSD equipped S54 gearbox and a few other toys which will come later.

    The car itself is undergoing some steroid enhancing, my favourite wheels of all time are Borbet A's, so instead of the usual staggered route of 9 inch rears and 7.5 inch fronts, this bad boy is having 9 inch all round. I've started making the new arches at home, this will be all flush blended, i did think about rivet look but i think totally blended is classier.

    The front now looks exactly how i want it, phat as phuck. The sideskirts are going to be remodelled to curve around the wider arches so it will have an OEM look about it, i did this on a white Mk1 a few years ago.

    Lots to come...

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    I'm pleased you have started another project so soon after completing the v8 (not). Get the bloody v8 finished first hollow head!

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    Nice one Paul I thought it wouldn't stay standard long, thought you would go 2gr or is that two mental cars is too much, love those borbets wish I had a set on my car they look just right, watch the wheel arch rubbing I have issues with my 7.5 hitting the arch liner.

    And am I not classy enough now ( Rivet on arches).

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    yes tiggs you have a 2gr we get it already lol!!

    so we should see your power steering package on this one too with 9s up front?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nik View Post
    yes tiggs you have a 2gr we get it already lol!!
    You kept that one quiet Tiggs, when did you get that done?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MRV6 View Post
    You kept that one quiet Tiggs, when did you get that done?
    I don't like to talk about it mate as other people just get jealous, you know how it is.

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    When's this bloody power steering getting sold as an upgrade or you fit it cause I'm getting older and more knackered by the day.

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    I guess that the V8 is a mental toy car, whereas this will be "like a Mk1, only more" and you can use it everyday. I also have a VVTi lump sat at home so I will be watching this closely, my guess is that you get your engine swap completed before I can weld in a simple floorpan patch on mine :D

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    Paul, you clearly have a disease orthree when it comes to Mk1s

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