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    Meanwhile, work continues at a steady pace on the Dino. The primary aim however was a bit of a catchup with some beer drinking. :)

    Some more fettling, body off, trim, body back on and so on. The exhaust is off, I've fitted some shitty wheels, and even the missus said it's starting to look like it's going in the right direction!

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    There's 12.5 litres of engine in that second last photo.

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    Really starting to take shape :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by gavsdavs View Post
    Really starting to take shape :)
    Yeah, it's starting to dawn on me that it's a lot of work. But i keep looking at the pics of the red one that was here. Damn. :)

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    Winter project Chris. Upgrade the BBQ to a BodgeBQ something excessive and repurposed.

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    Well it took me the best part of the weekend, but I successfully managed to "dig out" the 2GR Dino rep project from under nearly two years of shite. Its now occupying the "working on it" half of the BodgeLair, which as we all know, is a pretty positive development! Time to get this thing back on track.

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