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    Haslbeck Mk1 on its way.

    I wish I could come up soon mate but as my grandad has just died and I'm helping my mum and dad sorting his bungalow out for sale plus the rest of the family are doing feck all, it probably will be end of this month before I can come and sample the delights of the blue oyster, I hear the coffee is spectacular there.
    Plus I can see your sex speed box and move these seats out of storage, and have a word with Paula, that's if she's stopped going to these foreign weekends away to this place called londinium, I hope he's recovered from Sunday match.
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    Sorry to hear that mate, my condolences go out to you and your family. I'm in the same boat with you as my Auntie passed away. There's a shit load of things to get through and they don't seem to make things easy for you.

    Yeah mate if the week is an even week I don't work Saturday night. We could maybe sample paulas coffee.

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