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    Icon3 Toyota Owners Meet NW

    Hi guys,

    Inspired by the fact there are numerous honda meets, ford shows, classic car meets and so on and so forth.
    I am proposing we get as many toyotas owners together to host a toyota event

    what are your thoughts on this?

    i know there are a number of toyotas in the NW and im sure i could persuade afew others from around the country to attend...

    would any of you guys be up for this? i was thinking end of july...
    specific date & location will be decided closer to the event (everyone is welcome to give a date / location that would be suitable for all)

    Put your name down if you would be up for it..

    1. Ishaq (miib14)

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    I have tried in the past on a few clubs/forums people put their names down but never show..
    I gave up trying in the end.
    Having said so I hope it works out for u and I would be happy to attend provided my car is on the road then

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    nice one mate,
    i know that there will be afew mr2s, celicas, corollas, starlets and the odd few yaris attending.. thats members that i kind of know personally (about 10-15 cars atleast will be attending)

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    heres a list of interested people so far...


    1. Miib14
    2. Joachim (Yankee, maybe)
    3. BRIDGY (if cars on the road)


    1. RSVR
    2. R.C
    3. 25th Anniversary
    4. Boynxdoor (depends on date / location)
    5. razor2812 (depends on date / location)
    6. lta (as long as no other meets at the same time)
    7. Briano (maybe)
    8. poppaboost (Depends on work)
    9. :: blade :: (if cars on the road)


    1. glimitedmr2
    2. Big_Martin


    1. dangermooser
    2. TSstead91 (depends on date / location)
    3. JFinney21


    1. mrT (if cars on the road)

    mkiv supra

    1. add heywood (Depends on work)
    2. Ian Ian (depends on date / location)

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    I'd go if the cars on the road and I'm not busy and it's not raining, lol

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    Same as piano man just maybe in the middle of house moving in June or July so can't say for decimate at the moment.

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    Do try ya best to get it going tho, as there's not enough meets etc
    up here, or so it seems.

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    NW Meet 11th August 2014, A group of us have a monthly meet every second Monday of the month, (Ishaq, weve met before on one of our Sunday drive outs) with our famous Blackpool Illuminations meet in October, with a longstanding group of enthusiasts who drive a variety of machinery, but mostly MR2s (sadly declining :-(, ) We've had a few GT86s, skylines, civic, 350zs, bikes, you can arrive in a pedal car if you want, its more than cars!

    The next Northwest Monthly Meet, Monday August 11th, will be at the Stag Hotel in Wigan. It's not far from the M6/East Lancs junction, so pretty accessible.

    The Stag Hotel in Wigan is a Marston's so it has a good, cheap and comprehensive menu.

    It has a large quite car park to the rear in which we'll try to situate ourselves to the rear of to limit the change of randomers parking between us and ruining our photo ops.

    The meet will run from 19:00 to 23:00 on a drop in drop out basis. Turn up when you like for as long as you like. The full pub menu, bar snacks and drink will be available for those wanting to stay for their evening meal or just relax with a drink and get to know each other.

    The address is:

    Station Road
    Garswood, Wigan
    WN4 0SD

    Looking forward to seeing you all there.

    Kind Regards Brian (wilkie senior IMOC)

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