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    Jon Sole ROM Board Dyno Day

    Not sure on the exact date, but planning to have a dyno play day with the "Jon Sole" ECU with the help and direction of Jon.

    Date wise, looking around March-April time when the weather has started to pick up and will try to arrange it for a Saturday if possible.

    Can get the cars on a dyno and have a play with a few tweeks which can then be burned to rom chips for permanent usage in the Jon Sole Rom Boards.

    I've found a few places but will be looking to keep it somewhere between Northampton/Bedford/Cambridge area and will shop around for the best price.

    If you fancy it get your name down.

    So far attendees are;

    • Jon Sole
    • thomp1983
    • Patrick

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    Will defo be interested if my car is ready by then... But I probably won't have run it in! :(

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    Well at worst if your 3VZ isn't ready and still driving as a 3S-GE can always come anyway? :-)

    Although Jon will be there to play with the romulator, etc its not a prerequisite can just go for a dyno run out of curiosity. Probably involve a pub lunch too and a bit of car natter so will be a little meet at the worst. :-)

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    Im still in subject to receiving my ecu from jon and my ac stuff from you pat


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    I am happy to bring the bee along to this but depends on when this happens. March/April I might be out the country. If it is in those months I won't show..

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    I would be up for this, hopefully the v6 will be completed, if not I'll be in the other Mr2. :-)

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    I really want to come but will just have to see.

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    If you make it into a meet I'll certainly come. Mr2 will be of the road by then though!

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    Could turn out to be a fun day. :-)

    Will try phoning around a few places next week and get the location confirmed then get some suggested dates down. :-)

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    Protuner in Redditch has a 2wd dyno.. worth asking him as well as any others u have in mind

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