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Thread: Japfest 2014

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    Sent paypal last night did it come through?

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    Any feedback on the above questions too? Had a bit of a nightmare with tickets last year so would be handy to know what the crack is. :-)

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    Hi Patrick,

    That`s great I will drop you a PM with payment details shortly. Member deadline to get everyone down on the list as attendees/paid up is 20th March to allow us to get everything sorted for the Japfest official club entry deadline of the 31st March. I do not want us to have any problems with tickets, providing everybody is paid up and sorted by the 20th we can let the organisers know early how many tickets we require. I have not asked the question yet but assume tickets will be sent within April well before the 10th May. I will personally post out each members ticket promptly to ensure if we do have any problems/missing tickets etc we have time to get it sorted.

    The show opens 9:30am and finishes 17:30pm, but traffic will most likely be insane so I would suggest getting there early! I do not see any problem with bringing some TB banners mate show both clubs presence! Another member is sorting the stand setup so I am not sure how much we have already, but I know we have something being sorted! PM with payment details heading your way!

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    List will be updated soon with payments received.

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    Ok. Thanks. :-)

    Last year postage was underpaid so tickets were slow arriving. More than happy to reimburse postage costs just let me know. :-)

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    Yeah I couldnt make last year and wanted to sell my ticket, but couldnt because it hadnt arrived! Ha! It won`t happen this year mate I`m on the case!

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    Ok. Great. :-) Sorry to be the only one whining just wanted to make sure I go. Lol. :-)

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    2 x Payments sent via Paypal for me & woman. :-)

    1 - KarlBristol - Withdrawn.
    2 - Lefty91 - Paid Pending Confirmation
    3 - D4 NVU - PAID
    4 - LimeyMK1
    5 - Tiamat - Withdrawn.
    6 - CeeJay PAID
    7 - Adam86
    8 - SCRosie
    9 - Nedward
    10- 123Danc
    11 - rowey200
    12 - turbo-Johnny - Withdrawn.
    13- lukaharris PAID
    14- Largie009 PAID
    15 - markstevieandmads
    16 - Scott Barton (TBC)
    17 - Dexter
    18 - Samgpr50 - Paid Pending Confirmation
    19 - cdwood2010
    20 - snowtigger
    21 - Nigel753
    22 - Patrick - Paid - Pending Confirmation
    23 - Nerys - Paid - Pending Confirmation

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    i don't seem to have received the payment details - can your resend please and i will get that sorted.


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    Will forward my pm now bro.

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