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    Tapatalk Still Working for You?

    Hi everyone

    I'm one of those lurkers. Not because I'm shy. More because I don't know much. So read far more than I contribute. There's some terrific stuff happening here.

    I find Tapatalk is BRILLIANT for lurking.

    I have an iPhone 4s now running iOS7.

    Just updated Tapatalk app today. It doesn't work. Just crashes out a second after launching.

    Anyone else with similar symptoms?

    Does anyone know the solution?

    Best regards to all

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    Hi David,

    Everyone has something to contribute so jump in.anywhere. :)

    Do you get any debug info? Everything else up to date? We've got other users on iPhone, I'm sure some must be on os 7. I'm on Android and occasionally get an error, let Nik know, and there's usually something changed on the app that the server needs to accommodate. If you can PM nik your IP address from an attempted connect, he should be able to check the logs to see if it's getting as far as the server, if not then it would point to your device setup.


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    Good Morning All

    Fixed it.

    Had to delete the Tapatalk app from the phone altogether. Then download again from App Store.

    The new Tapatalk app will then open up and work.

    But now, you have to create a Tapatalk account, which I had managed to avoid in the old app.

    Then find your forums ... (fora??...) and join each again.

    Oh. Don't look now. I may have made a potentially useful contribution.

    Back to lurking now.

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    ha I'm glad you got it sorted.
    Was nice to have a lurker come out into the open even if briefly. Now get back in your box :-)

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    Top man. Stay out of your box long enough for JAE. Then you can go back in your box if you really must.


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