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    I'm driving down Friday night from Northampton, hotel at Interchange.

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    There has been a balls up.

    Jay sent the tickets out and apparently the post office clerk has advised him of incorrect postage.

    I had a card through my door and had to collect from my local sorting office, also had to pay £1.11 for it.

    Jay has sent an apology to everyone, so on his behalf, really sorry about this!

    If you have not had a card through your door, it may still be worth asking at the local royal mail office as your ticket may have arrived. Praying everybody gets these ok!

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    Just taken this from Jay over on MR2 OC >>>

    `OK, we have a contingency plan in place if this goes belly up. I have spoke to the organisers who are willing to post out any missing tickets to ensure they are there on time. This is a last chance solution obviously but we do have a plan b in place.

    Haven't had chance to confront the post office yet but I do intend to`

    So there is a back up plan. Hopefully the tickets are all at your local sorting office and you get them ok. Any problems if they are not with you by Monday drop me a PM and we will see what we can do.

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    Got my ticket today from the sorting office, as you say £1.11 which was the same as last year.
    Allmost every one got there's by Monday last year and a few big sorting offices are open on Sunday 12 till 4, at least we have a plan b if all else fails.

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    Last year you got your ticket ok and on time didn`t you Snowtigger?? I posted them last year myself!lol. It was the year before that this same problem happened with postage I`m sure.. I remember, as I was in Wales and my ticket never made it to me and I missed out completely! Unless you had a ticket from the OC last year and they had this problem again? Not that it matters now!lol!

    I hope this doesn`t put people off for next year. There`s always something that goes t1ts up.

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    Don't worry these things happen, it's not put me off yet although 5th gear keeps popping out is getting on my tits on the motorway, unless I swop in the other gearbox and the new clutch every night this week.

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