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    I will try and get us a good spot once the layouts are announced.
    There isn't such a thing at Newark, it's a dive, why on earth would they choose there, I suspect it's down to cost, I suspect Newark is in financial trouble & probably paid JAE to go there.

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    Well at least there's going to be a jae this year as a lot of places are booked 12 months in advance, pity wickstead have decided to continue there more tree planting policy and wanting more money for less land, it would have meant capping the amount of cars attending per club and limiting space on stands plus moving clubs around (we know what a problem that was) .

    They are probably going to look at alternate venues for the one after but for this year it is what it is a compromise.
    Same as it is for those of us who belong to more than one club or are ostracized from a club or forum because they don't fit the clique, people have to compromise if not then people move on to other clubs/cars/venues are just one of these things.
    I wish every one the best for the club and hope to see you all there this year God and weather willing.

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