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    Yep you can buy the 6th pair from Toyota, but to be honest all Mr2 6 speeds come with the LSD, so you kill two birds with one stone buying an Mr2 6 speed, then combine those parts with the 2zz box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phaeton View Post
    So apart from the LSD the MR2 5 speed is not a lot of use, is it possible to buy the 6th gears, or is it easier just to buy a 6 speed MR2 box?
    yea i got the part numbers for 6th if you want but as paul says it be cheaper to get the second hand box as you will need the select shaft as well as reverse lock out gears are going to cost you 240 pound roughly then the select parts is going to be from mr t 280 or you get a shaft and bits from monkeywrench then you can take the selector bit of the 5speed and use on the mwr shaft

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    Just to jump on this as I can't find a sales section anymore, I have one of these boxes, from a MR2 & a T-Sport Celica (not Corrola), put together by Mr Woods, I supplied the 2nd hand boxes to him for sale. I think at a fair price for somebody on here of £500.

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