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    Or a 147...always liked the idea of a mid-engined one with widebody a la Clio V6.

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    Lots of great suggestions.... i'm going to rule out MGB and SD1 as they already came in V8 form.

    1. Herald V8
    2. Vitesse V8
    3. Rx8 V8
    4. MX5 V8/1mz
    5. Z3 1mz (i happen to know where there is a cheap Z3)
    6. Lada V8
    7. Corona V8
    8. 4th/5th Gen Celica V8 (although the issues here make my head spin)
    9. Merc SLK V8
    10. Alfa 147/156/9 V8

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    The mx5 would really annoy their fanboys. I like that idea

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    V12 Altezza?

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    I have a vittesse but there getting to valuable to mess with these days, the whole drive train would need converting from the swing spring rear as it would kill people with v8 power, a jag irs with shortened shafts would probably work.
    Moggy minor?
    Honda S2000 maybe but a mk1 mx5 2gr hasn't been done were as v8 has.
    Wtf do I know any way I will just get told to stfu, carry on it will still be great and no doubt piss off any purists.

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    V8 mx5's are already available. The magic words for Paul are a rx8 v8 is virtually impossible especially with a 1uz, hell he'd be outdoing himself if this one sold before it got off the drawing board

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    if you could find one, KP61 starlet!
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    V8 Trabant

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    Id v8 the z3, with lake pipes. and a bug catcher/ high rise filter stack on top, old school rod styles. maybe even no guards and bonnet, so it would almost have more in common with the likes of a willys coupe

    might even get my pen out and scribble that one on paper...old school like
    of course I dont care, your a muppet!!!

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    of course I dont care, your a muppet!!!

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