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    Doing some googling I came across this vid:
    Apparently the one production MC8 has resurfaced this year in Japan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NiekC View Post
    Doing some googling I came across this vid:
    Apparently the one production MC8 has resurfaced this year in Japan.
    Yeah it popped up in a Japanese auction and then disappeared again. I wrote an email in Japanese requesting to purchase it but got no reply.

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    If your looking for a scrap mk2 I have one looking for a home

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Woods View Post
    Thing is Geoff, the stretched wheelbase is actually what i think makes it look deformed, it just doesn't look right with the rear wheels extended that far back away from the cabin, i actually think the original looks quite ridiculous in that respect. I love the styling, looks perfect to me.

    It's a bit of a marmite car, but the vast majority of people in the Mr2 world love it, and i'm one of them, it needs to be done.
    Had a good look at a bunch of pictures. The LWB actually looks good on the race cars but I agree, not on the road version.

    Generally what I don't like about the road version is:

    The headlamps
    The ride height
    The rear wing
    The sideskirts
    The blacked-out cockpit/roof arrangement (yes I know this is a bit of a TB trademark).

    Other than that - great!

    For me, the skirts etc just look very fussy whereas all the stuff on the race version is purely functional. I can't really put it any better than that.

    Still, aesthetics are a very personal and subjective thing, this thread seems to show that plenty like it so you may be onto something. Good luck with the project, the quality will be great whether it appeals to everyone or not.

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    Now that I get a better look at it, it's garish.

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    Generally what I don't like about the road version is;

    The Car.

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    What i'd like to do is maybe take the best bits of the styling and then put our own stamp on it, so the sideskirts would be less fussy, obviously shorter anyway but maybe with the race version vent rather than the testarosa type vents.

    So i think whatever happens it probably won't be a 100% faithful copy anyway, there is definitely a lot of room for improvement styling wise to create something that looks like it but better.

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    Yes, you could fix what's wrong with that design. That's a good idea. Smooth it out here, raise it up there- keep what you like and fix what you don't.

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    For me, I think you've already got a good starting point with the arches you make; Now exaggerate those, make some mk1'esque/running board sideskirts to tie them together and you're onto a winner.
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