Hello All,

I will start by saying that I'm not a regular member on two brutal however I own an MR2 mk2 rev3 turbo. I spend most of my time on MR2OC and attend mainly MR2OC events, however I thought I would see if any fellow mr2 owners were interested in joining in on an event that Iím planning with the MR2OC. As per the title Iím arranging for two track taster sessions on the Silverstone National circuit, and it wold be great to add some more mr2's to the mix. I must admit I've been meaning to post this up for a while however I needed to find my login details and the time... :oops:

Currently it is planned to run two sessions on 6th March 2016 with the first session at 1.35pm and the second at 2.45pmm these sessions will last 30 minutes each and serve as a great opportunity for those who wish to do some track time who are inexperienced or those who just want a couple of short sessions without doing a full on track day. Any experience level is welcome from someone who has never been on a track to regular track day warriors alike, the idea of this type of session is to try and keep the environment as controlled as possible be only offering places within the owners club where people are more of a known quantity and drive very similar levels of vehicles notwithstanding modifications. Driver tuition is also available on the day for those that wish at extra cost.

The sessions will cost £40 each and we require 15 people in order to make the sessions exclusive to us, currently we have 14 names confirmed for both sessions so are nearly there. Iíve put a link below to the thread on MR2OC with further details if you are interested then post on MR2OC and/or PM me. Iíll try and visit this thread as and when to check if thereís any interest or to answer any questions but in order to keep a track of whatís going on Iíd rather itís all kept in one place.


Cheers, Mark