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Thread: Mrtoupee

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    Quote Originally Posted by sketchy View Post
    apparently I needed to get all 7 movies so far, and have a few t's....and collectables....

    but this thread is not about that, its about modified sw20's, in the very limited Donald Trump editions
    Just love the way this is rendered in stopmotion lego. Sooo funny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Woods View Post
    New product for 2016, the mrtoupee , comes in blonde, black, brunette and ginger as pictured, give your Mr2 the full head of hair it deserves.'s worth it.

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    I could do with one of those. Hide my shagged roof!
    Mk2 2GR-FE Trackday Weapon. Taxed, MOT'ed and insured! She's finished!

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