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Thread: Jae 2016

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    Jae 2016

    Just checked and there is only 145 days till JAE. Did anyone go to the reps meeting today?

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    Nope, didn't make it.

    The Jedi Council have discussed this, and the plan is to go for two 20x20 plots instead of the four like the previous years. We didn't fill them and it looked a little silly.

    Will update everyone when we know more.


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    Fill the extra plots with bonfires, a beer tent and strippers. You'll need TEN plots. Not to mention you'll have some really sweet ass video.... Just sayin'.

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    Strippers won't go down too well, now the people going are taking their kids it was getting a bit conventional with a lot of tutting if things got a bit raucous

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    Ok, no strippers then. Make it a bouncy house and the kids will love it.

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    Lol, you mean a bouncy castle. And if we are having a bouncy castle we are deffo keeping the strippers.

    Kids can stay home.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Grenade View Post
    Ok, no strippers then. Make it a bouncy house and the kids will love it.
    Are you coming this year Paul? ;-)

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    Right, plot paid for - we should have two 20x20 plots, possibly in the same place, could be fecking anywhere.

    More as it happens mother fluffers.


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    Top job big man.

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