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Thread: Back injury

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    Co-dydramol is another gem for back injuries if you want/need some mobility but again go easy on them.

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    Thankyou Gentlemen and Chris for the advice :)

    I am walking around again now and it seems to be repairing itself, so it looks like a muscular strain of some sort, taking Naproxen has worked well and i'm off pain killers now as i was starting to get the shakes over the weekend, that can't be good.

    It has definitely given me a wake up call that i either need to slow right down or totally rethink my life, this could just as easily been a career ender out of nowhere.

    Hopefully i can get back to work taking it easy this week.

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    It could have been a bulging disc, by all accounts they are not too pleasant.

    You'll have to work smarter, not harder I guess.

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    Very pleased and relieved to read you're on the mend Paul.

    After all, who else are we gonna go to!?

    Chris' suggestion sounds excellent. An executive consultant engineer role, overseeing others performing to your own exacting standards. You might open a southern franchise and then a US division.

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    Yep just take it very slow, don't forget and pick up a gearbox with your fingertips. Bend at the knees and all that.

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    Glad to hear you're on the mend fella and good that you have been given some sound advice on painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, lifting techniques and shitting positions. You need to rethink your business model if you want to safeguard your future for your kids and Becky, so getting an apprentice and even further down the line a franchise might not be so bad and maybe quite a lucrative option.

    Worth thinking about.

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