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Thread: Back injury

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    Sorry to hear that old chap. Deffo need a consultation with someone just to make sure you haven't snapped your spine in two.

    Most likely a disc out (fluid joints between vertebrae) and fairly common. The good news is that it's easily treatable with some manipulation, rest and repair time. I knew a guy once put his back out hitting the bottom of the ketchup bottle.

    Told you that you work too hard though. Anyway how big was the spanner?



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    Yeah just take it easy. It won't be that bad, a lot of injuries heal themselves in that area and it's not until you bugger it that you realise how much you rely on it. Especially in a manual job that involves lifting heavy things the wrong way and rolling under cars. Even a ruptured/slipped disc or a fracture can be mended, just don't overdo it in the meantime or you could travel quickly up shit Creek, no paddle and no u turns.

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    back pain sucks ass, one word though, drugs, lots and lots of drugs, dihydrocodeine works wonders just don't tell pc plod!

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    Sorry to hear that news Paul. I've had two discs removed from my lower back, the last one in 2005. So I really do know the tough experience you are going through. I did my last one playing golf. Unable to straighten up or walk. Did have PH at the time and had the slipped disc out within 2 weeks. Keep positive could all pull back into place in a few days. All the best. Nigel

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    it was bad enough with some pinched nerves....

    not being able to do your own laces, and fold yourself into the car...kinda sucks

    LISTEN to the docs, take the med's. take it easy.

    and don't rush back into anything heavy..
    of course I dont care, your a muppet!!!

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    Thanks for the help and advice chaps, i feel it is starting to heal itself and i am able to walk again which is a massive relief, it's unlikely the injury will be long term. I'm going to see how this week pans out, take it easy and keep taking the meds.

    It has really opened my eyes to my future though and realistically how long i can keep lifting heavy engines and gearboxes around.

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    As above rest and ibuprofen either gel on the affected areas and tablets help with the swelling I was also on tramadole for the the pain or oremorfe in hospital Oooh those are strong meds.
    My friend Gary did the same thing picking a pen up of the floor and he's sits Behind a desk all day so it's easily done, the swelling should go down in a week, go see a back specialist or get referred by going into hospital asap, I've had several manipulations and acupuncture tried all sorts to get back to work faster, only time off and nothing strenuous to do will help it mend.

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    There's no reason you can't keep doing your job long term you may just have to start thinking about ways to look after your back, I've a mate whose a builder and he swears by Pilates for keeping his core strong he goes a couple of times a week at the local gym. Or maybe yoga instead

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    Glad you're starting to feel better- take it easy and as time goes on, you'll need more helpers to do more of the bullwork tasks. "We ain't gettin' any younger" :)

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    hire some young enthusiastic school leaver to do the heavy lifting for you, he gets to learn a trade and you get to dodge the zimmer frame for another few years!

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