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    Newbie from kent


    Just joined the group, I've been building my mk3 for 18 month or so from a stock car.

    Learnt everything from scratch, even sprayed it myself.

    Looking around for what to do with the engine, it's currently a turbo'd 1zz

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    Hi Lee,

    Welcome to TwoBrutal!

    That is a tasty looking roadster indeed. We were talking about these (a lot!) at JAE last weekend. I think a couple of people on this forum will be a bit smitten with your car.

    I'm a bit of a V6 fan, but we recently did a 2ZZ swap on my brothers Mk3. He's pretty chuffed with it.....


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    Loving that Lee

    I certainly swayed towards the MK3 so I think there'll be plenty of interest going on here. Welcome to TB buddy.

    “Where I'm going is not nearly as important as what I'm driving to get there.”
    ― Jay Leno

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    Welcome to the club lee, the car looks lovely is that a monocraft kit? What horsepower does the turbo 1zz kick out?

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    Cheers for the welcomes,
    Yes it's a monocraft kit. And I have no idea on the power, it's chargecooled peaking at 12psi ish boost. I would guess at around 260-70bhp maybe more. I will have a good look around the forum as soon as I get a spare minute.

    Here's a link to a YouTube walk around the car before I fitted the arch trims.

    Here's a link to my photobucket with the last 18 month worth of photos. This is the second body kit and forth colour

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    I did reply saying thanks for the welcomes but it's not shown up.
    So don't think I'm being ignorant.

    Yeah it's the monocraft kit. Don't know on the power, it's charge cooled and peaking about 12 psi ish boost.. I would guess at 270 ish

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    Looks very nice, I just couldn't get on with the MK3, those sills to get in & out of, not good at my age.

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