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Thread: hello again

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    hello again

    Well I figured since I am working on the 2 again and posting on the forum, even tho its only a 4agze swap I'd support the forum by becomming a big member again.

    Its been a while.

    those of you thet I know from the past Hi.

    those of you that don't know me, heres a little about me.

    I owned Mk1's for many years, infact only Mk1's, the only mk1 was a turbo that I bought just to take the engine out lol.
    anyway, I drove them standard for a while before carrying out the 3vzfe swap back in wales. That's unfortunatly long gone now and I moved to Australia where I just could not find one suitable close enough to make it worthwhile.
    But now I have a nice little hardtop that worked well until it sun the bottom end bearings.

    It's now waiting for me to finish connecting the 4agze out of the Levin I bought for $1500 (whole car not just engine). Hopefully I'll get it done soon before the wet season hits us and I get soaked on the bike.
    It might take me a little while as I will get stuck on the wiring and I need to finish fixing the wifes car so I can teah her to drive at the same time. No she's not the one who broke it. I bought it broken, well swapped it for my ute.

    Anyway, enough boring you now. I'll try to come back often. See y'all later

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    Nice one Paff and good to have you back. Really appreciate you supporting the club buddy

    “Where I'm going is not nearly as important as what I'm driving to get there.”
    ― Jay Leno

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    Always good to be back with the 2's.
    Just a shame sometimes life stops the work for a while, hopefully this time I can hit it hard. Already done more in the week since I got the car back to my place than I did for the entire year it was at my mates place.

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    Welcome back paff good to see you back here :-)

    What is the mr2 market like out in Oz? Are they all rusty the mk1s there too?

    Also hows life treating you out there, do you have a cow ranch, work down the mine, or driving a road train these days? ;-)

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    Hi Goldy.
    TBH I don't know what the market is like in the rest of Aus but here in Cairns there are none and trying to find one for sale can be a mission in itself. The one I have I bought for $2500, the guy I got it off had another at the time that was in much better condition and was selling for $5000 so they are definatly more expensive here. I even saw one selling in sydney for $2500 with a broken engine once. All the arches are solid on mine which considering I'm about 5 mins from the coastline it doesn't seem to be much of an issue.

    Life is good here. I'm actually a chef these days, altho I don't know for how much longer, kinda wanna drive trucks for a bit now as the hours suck. But I do enjoy it.

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