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    Time to stop hiding in the shadows

    Finally I've decided to stop hiding in the shadows and introduce myself and my 2. I'm Alan, I'm new to here but not to MR2's, but that's enough about me more about my MR 2. He was rescued from a soggy tarpaulin up in Lancashire. He's undergone a vast transformation from the stock Rev 1 G Limited to how he stands now. I've fitted a Rev 5 engine minus the EGR, Rev 3 UK loom and ECU, genuine Apexi induction kit, a fairly hard to find Remus exhaust minus the cat! that's along with a few body mods but my most prised bits are the optional extra boot carpet protector and the JDM distress flare. Sad I know but I think it completes the car.
    Now I've started to convert it to a 3vz-fe single tubby. So any info would be great, although I have spent months reading build threads there is bound to be threads I haven't seen.
    So hello to you all and here is just a couple of pictures for the time being. Because I know how you all love pic's:iconAttachment 3087Attachment 3088
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    JDM Distress flare..... intriguing.... need pics

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    They are quite hard to find outside of Japan so I believe. They are located in the passenger side kick panel. Nearly all of them are removed during the import process. Think it may be to do with them being classed as an explosive. If you have an import have a look under the glove box and you'll see 2 circular clips or usually just 2 slots were the clips used to live. I've got a picture of it but I can't upload it. Keeps saying I've reached my space limit??? But I'm sure google will have a picture for you. They are a plastic tube about 8" long and red with the flare inside.

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    Here's a picture for you mate.

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    Most had an umbrella that clipped in there....
    of course I dont care, your a muppet!!!

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    Hi Alan and welcome to TB mate.

    A 3VZ turbo charged whip, sounds great and you get the best of both worlds, so keep us udated adn let's have plenty of pics.


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    Sounds bitchin'. More pics! :)

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    Welcome to TwoBrutal. I did have an import with a flare, i think it probably went with the car, although i did ponder setting it off just to see what it did!

    Got everything you need for the 3VZ swap? I rewrote the wiring guide with new pics so i didn't have to look at Paul Woods circus freak hands anymore, let me know if you need a copy.



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    You'd probably end up with the fire brigade on your door step if you set it off lol.
    I think I've got everything for the basic swap I managed to get my hands on a 94 plate Camry with just 81k on the clock. It even had a full Powerflow exhaust fitted! Most bits that need fab'ing I will do in work because we've got some amazing coded welders. Far better than my bird crap seams!!

    I have a copy of Paul's wiring guide( found it online somewhere ) but I think it may be a very old one from 2006? It's a shame that some idiot ruined it for everyone else from what I have read. But if you could send me a copy I'd be grateful and will throw a bit of change in the coffers fund for Twobrutal. Seems only fair.

    I do have one question that's been bugging me. It's the wrong place I know but its only a small one.On the rear of the 3vzfe block i have a Banjo bolt and fitting that goes nowhere. Engine run fine when in the car just found during my strip down. any idea's?

    Thanks again for the warm welcome and as soon as my parts get here from the states I'll start a small thread of my progress.

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    Welcome, do you still have the Camry?

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