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    yeah still got it minus the electric door switches. Did start to break it on "Bumtree" and the like but got fed up of people saying I really need that part and then not showing. So its just sat in the back garden. Better than a gnome in my opinion.
    Best £120 I've spent. Although it did look like it was involved in running some one over as the windscreen was smashed in a suspicious shapeimage1 (2).JPG image1 (1).JPG

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    Fancy removing all the cruise control bits for me in exchange for beer tokens?

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    To be honest mate I've already removed them all and even kept them. Like the sad hoarder I am. Haha! The only thing I cut on the engine removal was the High pressure oil feed to the radiator fan. At the rear of the engine. You're welcome to them as I was only going to bin them( in about 10 years). My garage has more or less a full MR2 and about half a Camry at the moment oh and the odd 300zx part. So feel free to take them.
    If you cover the postage you can have them.just let me know exactly what parts you need.

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    That's a generous offer thanks, I'm away on holiday from Saturday till the end of the month but will be in touch when I return if that's ok?

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    Yeah no problems, just send me a message when your ready.

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    Yep, my version of the wiring guide has some improvements. I will send you a link via PM, unless you want to message me an email address?

    That banjo bolt that you found is probably what's left of the EGR, if it's got a power flow exhaust on it, someone's been tinkering I reckon.



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    Quote Originally Posted by thomp1983 View Post
    Fancy removing all the cruise control bits for me in exchange for beer tokens?
    Beat me to it lol

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    Just sent you my email mate. Most appreciated for you help.

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