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    Hey from Southampton!

    Hey, Im a celicaholic and have been addicted for a while now
    So.. uhm... I'm an ST202 person Still like MR2's though!
    So anyway, am from the south of England, onto my second Celica, and am going to be getting this one overhauled like a beauty :) V6 engine swap route as well.
    Have got all the body parts I need pretty much sorted, now just got to wait a month and a half to finish getting the money together then off to the body shop it goes!
    So uhm... yeah, that's me!


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    Hi Sam, that sounds great.

    Get us some pics up and then get a restoration thread going so we can see the progress and get moist over it.

    “Where I'm going is not nearly as important as what I'm driving to get there.”
    ― Jay Leno

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    I've always been interested in the AWD Celica. Not too common over here, so yeah- Celica's are fun, Welcome sir!

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    Hi bud,

    Im from Southampton, Bartley/ Cadnam side..:)


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    originally from southampton here! living in london now though. nice to meet you!

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