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    Hello from Northampton

    I'm John, I'm a tech at a Toyota dealership and I've just bought a rev5 mr2 and a v6 Camry.
    I also drive an old 70 series Landcruiser


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    I think my plans are pretty obvious but here's the Camry. It's completely battered buts it's only done 60k miles

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    And the Camry, completely battered but only 60k on the clock

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    Hello from Earls Barton!

    Welcome to Twobrutal!



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    Hi John and welcome to the dark side.

    Lovely looking 2 you've got there, is the transplant a 3VZ or 1MZ? Either way you'll be smiling like as tramp in a kebab shop when you get it going.

    “Where I'm going is not nearly as important as what I'm driving to get there.”
    ― Jay Leno

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    It's a 1mz, I've already removed it from its former home

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    It's a Y reg with a 1mz and only 60k miles

    I've tried to post some more picture with both Flickr and Photobucket but it doesn't seem to be working

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    Hey John,

    Some stuff to check in this link, if you stil have issues PM me.

    How to post images on TwoBrutal



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    Ahh ok it's because I don't have 10 posts. I may have done what it told me not to sorry

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