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    Hi all,

    Recently moved back to car enthusiasm after a spell riding and modding superbikes. my last project spun waaaay out of control and I guess burn out and crap weather has seen me looking at my four wheeled options.

    I have always liked MR2's and came very close to buying a mk2 some years back.

    Now I need a break from bikes it. is . TIME !!

    Im looking to buy or build a tastefully modded and understated rev 4/5 2GR-FE V6. shame none seem to be up for sale atm

    Looking forward to getting to know everyone


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    They are so good apparently that anyone that has one refuses to sell it. Well, there has only been one that I can think of so far. You may have to build your own.

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    Welcome to TwoBrutal!

    I have a 2GR rev2, its RAF, but i dont really care as it's getting a Dino body kit this winter.......

    One thing i would suggest tho if i may? Dont. Seriously it's fun, 300+ horses and pulls like a train, but in retrospect if i had to do it again i would buy an RX300, rip out the 1MZ VVTi, and fit that with an LSD N/A gearbox. You wont be far off, but you will save yourself around £4000. I reckon that with some careful buying (and selling) you could keep it under £2000.

    Worth looking at. I've done about a dozen V6 swaps on MR2's (all Mk2's) and the 3VZ (180-200Bhp) is cheap and awesome, but finding a good one is a bit hard now, 1MZ (180-200bhp) which is slightly crispier, a bit lighter, but generally they need a really good strip and clean as they gum up, 1mz vvti (200-230Bhp) which is slightly quicker again, costs a bit more but again, they often need a good clean out, or 2GR (300-325bhp) which are expensive as hell because they are new, unless you can import one, plus you need a custom mount, plus you need a *really* decent clutch etc etc. It all mounts up.

    Have a look at a few cars, there are always people willing to take you for a thrill ride, but consider your time, skills level, budget, wife points, you know, all those kinda things. :)

    Any of the above engine will return a very high smiles per miles factor......

    Here's some 3VZ fun to get your juices going.....

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    Chris, are the 3VZ & the 1MZ interchangeable mounts wise?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phaeton View Post
    Chris, are the 3VZ & the 1MZ interchangeable mounts wise?
    Yep, nearly. Lol. It's just the one mount at the cam end, the rest can be stock. The mounts differ by about 4mm, which means you can use a 3vz mount on a 1mz, but you will struggle to get the bolts lined up. I think with some careful modification, a 3VZ mount would work. Its the kind of thing that drives Paul Woods mad!


    Speak to Patrick (headcase) and he may even PX you a mount. He makes them too.



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    Quote Originally Posted by cdwood2010 View Post
    Its the kind of thing that drives Paul Woods mad!.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phaeton View Post
    Oh just some bloke that used to be on here.

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    Welcome Sorrowshard! I too came from a bike racing background, USA motocross for the better part of two decades. For us, it was age and crap weather, tracks closing and those damn young fast kids that we just couldn't catch!

    Cars are a natural progression and the thing about bikes, you can always get back on them when you feel the need. Crap weather? No sense in sitting around doing nothing- Get an MR2 and V6 the thing. They have value, they are fun AF and you'll stay busy for a while building it. Well worth the effort.


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