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    Hi from Eastern Bloc :)

    Hi everyone :)

    I'm simplex, a coder dude, with some mechanical experience.
    I owned an AE82 FX16 GT (RIP, rust won), and a heavily modded
    Honda Del Sol (too bad it's not mid-engined).

    Now I want to build a V6 turbo SW20, so I'm here to gather information
    about my options :)

    I would like to go with a more modern block, like 1MZ or 2GE, we will see.
    Going auto with paddle shift would be nice, as my left knee is far from good.

    Wish me luck :)

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    Good Luck and There is a paddle shift auto kit floating around here somewhere... :) Welcome!

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    Thank you :)
    I'm more concerned about fitting an auto trans :) Like, mounts, etc.
    Software and electronics are my friends, welding is not :)

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    It's all here somewhere. The other guys, when they see this- I'm sure will be able to link you some pages that will help with your goals. It's all been done before so not to worry. You can do it. :)

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    Hello and welcome, thanks for the PM, I thought i'd reply on here : The 1MZ v6 and auto box can be fitted. I believe its quite tight and you may have to put a notch in the subframe but it has been done by MRV6 and Peebs on here if you look up their build threads.

    I'm not doing flappy paddles any more but more than happy to assist in helping to get an aftermarket kit working on here.



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    Thank you guys :)

    The route I checked is using the MR2 auto box, and sending it to Level10, but it would cost a fortune :)
    So I'm looking for cheaper options, or making a manual box clutchless, SMT style.

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    1mz engine with 1mz autobox works fine, don't bother with the standard mr2 auto box, it is made of chocolate and marshmallows

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    That would be the optimal solution. I checked that I need to cut&weld the frame a bit.
    I could solve that part, but getting new gearbox mounts and welding them to place is an other story :)

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